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Information Design Incorporated has provided services to DOD and DOE weight handling organizations since 2000 and is well versed in the various program requirements. IDI developed a strong reputation in the weight handling community as a result of work that has been performed at the Navy shipyards and at the Navy Crane Center. The relationships that have been forged as a result have allowed us to assemble a team of unusually experienced weight handling experts comprised of former career government employees.

IDI is a woman-owned small business that has been in operation since March 2000. Our Mission and Vision Statements below, provide the key to understanding who we are as a corporate entity:

Our mission:

To facilitate organizational improvements by equipping employees, improving processes and applying effective technologies to support our customer’s specific business goals. We also work with our customer to articulate goals with the belief that the trust of our customers demands that we deliver what is needed and desired not simply what is requested!

Our vision:

To become an example of integrity and excellence in our community. We will provide practical, flexible solutions to exceed customer’s requirements and meet their implicit needs.

We know we are successful when:

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