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Technical Services

Information Design provides a wide array of highly specialized services related to Weight Handling. These services include engineering, inspection, and equipment testing services but also extend to services like laser marking processes for tracking rigging gear, overhead rail certification, or certification of dry dock elevators. We have experience with portal cranes, mobile cranes, overhead cranes, gantry cranes and other specialized lifting fixtures.

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Information Design provides training in a variety of methodologies to best meet customer needs. These methodologies include mentoring customer employees while providing on-site technical services, hands on technical training for specialized needs, and formal classroom training. We can also develop a wide variety of training materials to be used by your training organization.

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Information Management

Information Design’s information management services include business process improvement services and development of electronic tools. Electronic tools include such things as document scanning systems, document bar coding and database systems. We can help develop efficient processes for paper record keeping or electronic record keeping depending on the size of the customer organization. We are adept at identifying the documentation requirements that apply to the customer organization and developing efficient methods to meet those requirements.

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