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Technical Services

Information Design Incorporated offers teams of experienced Weight Handling Equipment specialists whose expertise spans the technical, safety and efficiency aspects of managing and operating weight handling equipment. Our teams bring years of experience in DOD and DOE Weight Handling Equipment programs and can provide recommendations, insights, and training to enhance your program.

Inspection and Engineering Services

IDI has a variety of experienced crane inspectors, load test directors, and engineers who are available to provide on-site support and to provide mentoring of customer personnel. IDI offers highly specialized WHE engineering services in the structural, electrical, and mechanical disciplines. Engineering services include analysis, design, maintenance instructions and specification development. IDI has experience providing custom services that support and develop customer organizations with just the right mix of skills that integrate with customer employees.

IDI personnel have experience with Navy and Army WHE requirements such as the NSTM 589, NAVFAC P-307, and EM 385-1-1 in addition to industry standards such as ASME B30 and OSHA 1917.

Maintenance Process Improvement

IDI has experience with a wide array of crane and rigging maintenance and certification processes. Our team can work with your personnel on site to document existing processes, develop new processes and develop implementation plans. We can facilitate your improvement process or we can support your program with consulting expertise. In addition to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of a maintenance organization, the documentation resulting from a process improvement effort is very useful for training new employees and creating technical and administrative instructions. We also have extensive experience in the development of business metrics necessary for evaluating process improvement.

Compliance Assessment

IDI has more than 10 years experience working with crane and rigging organizations to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Our team will perform inspections, compliance audits, process reviews, and documentation reviews on site and provide custom recommendations to enhance your program.